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Memorial created 06-8-2008 by
Cherylann Maria Thomas
Trevor Thomas
May 27 1978 - June 28 2003

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08-05-2017 8:22 PM -- By: vince heuerman,  From:  

Be close to your mom dear Trevor.

07-08-2017 8:20 PM -- By: vince heuerman,  From:  

Goodnight hugs to you and your mom, dear Trevor.

06-29-2017 12:38 AM -- By: W.V.,  From:  

In remembrance of Trevor. God bless you, Cherylann, and give you comfort.

06-22-2017 4:56 PM -- By: Penni,  From:  

 He was so young.  Such a loss to those of us on this side.  Best wishes to you as you remember your son.

06-22-2017 7:08 AM -- By: James Jackson,  From: Washington, DC  

 Cherylann.... Wherever I may be, I will always be your friend  even until the end; for when I shine. We shine together, I will forever remember your Angel Trevor. Love Is Eternal 

06-19-2017 9:20 PM -- By: KELLY FISHER,  From: Vancouver BC  

 I am Kelly Fisher Trevors Half sister same dad different Mother and I have just learned of his horrific death. Although I had not met Trevor in my elder years I always carried him heart and my thoughts and prayers and I am truly heartbroken he has passed. I wish all of his family strength and peace and I am so sorry the world lost such a beautiful soul. 

05-07-2017 10:59 PM -- By: Denise,  From: New Jersey  

Today is Bereaved Mother's Day and I'm here to let you know I'm lighting a candle in honor of Trevor and the wonderful impact he made on those who knew him best. Blessings of love and  peace to you Cherylann -

04-09-2017 10:44 AM -- By: Gillian Paune,  From: Northampton  

04-02-2017 1:34 PM -- By: Tracey Rose,  From: Ontario  

The loss of loved ones never heal instead you learn to live differently.  I have had loss and without a doubt it's the hardest part of living. 

My father died in a car crash at 27 years just a few years older than you. A beautiful life cut short. The unfairness of it all. You do live on through the people who love you.  May they speak your name loud.

I know your mother and you can be very proud of the woman she is today. She is a fighter and is going for what she needs and wants in life.



03-27-2017 10:19 PM -- By: Glenys Rutledge,  From: Kelowna  

 Sending love and peace

01-20-2017 9:24 PM -- By: vince heuerman,  From:  

Stay close to your mom, Trevor.

06-27-2016 6:14 PM -- By: Just a mom,  From: Tennessee  

I am just a mom who lost her son a year ago, when his heart stopped beating, my heart broke.

We love them from their first breath to their last. We belong to a club no one wants to belong to!

I wanted to take a moment and pay tribute to your Trevor in honor of his passing day tomorrow. I did not know him, but I do know loss. It can be a hard day, full of feelings!

Take care of yourselves....stay strong. you are in my thoughts...

Respectfully, Forever Ryan P Frye's Mom Jeanne

05-28-2016 12:18 PM -- By: Chris Kondoudis,  From: Mulkeytown, Il  

 Cheryl thinking of you and your precious son and keeping you close to heart. Hugs!!

05-27-2016 6:10 PM -- By: Kathy Nukho,  From: Staten Island, NY  

Happy Birthday in Heaven Trevor. Lighting a candle in your honor. I hope you've met my Samira. Thinking of you too Cherylann, sending love and huge hugs.

05-27-2016 3:43 PM -- By: Denise,  From: New Jersey  

Lighting a candle in memory of Trevor and realizing how you were able to overcome and find beauty from pain - My love and sincerest sentiments to everyone Trevor loved in life - May your hearts be comforted every day.

05-27-2016 3:10 PM -- By: Arlene,  From: Vernon, N.J.  

Thinking of you and your precious son, Trevor on his birthday. I hope my Danny boy will be throwing a party for Trevor at his Cloud 9 Heaven dance club. We keep our boys close to our hearts. Love you Cherylann. Happy Heavenly Birthday to Trevor.

05-27-2016 1:18 PM -- By: Melinda,  From: NY  

 Every  day that goes by you are remembered Trevor ,,, and today I hope you send special signs to those who love you,,,with  love, smiles and hope, rest peacefully and keep caring for your Mom and loved ones xx

05-27-2016 12:58 PM -- By: Susan Milam,  From: FL  

 Happy Birthday Trevor! Lots of love and hugs for your mom!




05-27-2016 12:07 PM -- By: Kitrina Jackson,  From: kelowna BC  

Although I never knew you I can tell you radiated sunshine with that beautiful smile. You were taken far too soon from all those that love and needed you... My heart is with your mom because I cannot imagine the grief and pain of losing a child... An only child makes it so much worse... May you rest in peace Trevor. 💕

05-27-2016 11:56 AM -- By: Paul R Groseclose,  From: Indiana  

 Losing a child is something that I, thankfully, have not experiencde. I am thankful for that because I can't imagine the pain.

05-27-2016 10:05 AM -- By: Merrie Reynolds,  From: Michigan U.S.A.  

 Although I never had the pleasure of meeting you, I do know how much your life meant to this world. Happy Birthday Trevor. We celebrate all the love, joy and life's lessons you left for the rest of us. You will never be forgotten 



05-27-2016 10:01 AM -- By: Cathy Bowen ,  From: New York  

Thank You for sharing your precious Angel Trevor <3 and also for sharing your story and Trevor's ... Blessed Birthday Trevor and I Pray You and my Son Kenny have met in Heaven ...

05-27-2016 9:22 AM -- By: Donna-Corey's Mom,  From: Fl  

 Happy Birthday in Heaven, Trevor!! You are one of Heaven's most beautiful angels and are missed and loved beyond words. Please watch over your mom and send her a very special sign today, for she is missing you so much.



Donna-Corey's Mom

05-12-2016 2:05 AM -- By: Lisa McPherson,  From: England  

05-11-2016 9:30 PM -- By: Nancy,  From: South Dakota  

 Hugs, hugs and more hugs

05-11-2016 8:42 PM -- By: Jennifer Bauer,  From: CINCINNATI, OH  

 Although, we never met, you have touched my heart.  Your Mom and I share a loss that we will live with forever.  Our lives forever changed.  I am thankful for you and for your mom.  Your mom has offered support that others don't understand and for that I will always be grateful.

12-26-2015 9:50 AM -- By: Huma,  From:  

 Dear Cherylann, I am honoured to have been brought to this page of the life of a beautiful soul - your son Trevor. Trevor was 25 when he left. 2+5 =7. 7 is the most spiritual of numbers; it's energy inspiring and inspirational. That was your son's existential signature. As his loving mother, may you be blessed with continued strength, courage and wisdom to follow the Light Trevor left behind for his beloved mom for added support along her own life path. With love, always, in all ways. R.I.P. beautiful Trevor. xo

12-26-2015 9:11 AM -- By: K. Jackson ,  From: Kelowna  

My heart breaks for those left behind as I read Trevor's memorial. As a mother I cannot imagine losing a child ... Especially as horrific as Trevor was killed. His children were robbed of their dad far too soon ... May Trevor forever rest in peace

12-24-2015 10:01 PM -- By: Nanette de Ville,  From: Egypt  

12-24-2015 8:17 PM -- By: Arlene,  From: Jersey  

Trevor - wishing you a Blessed Christmas in Heaven with Jesus Himself. The choirs of Angels must be awesome. Your Mom is such a dear friend of mine. How she misses you !!! Wrap your arms around her tonight....and give her a Christmas Eve Hug. May your gentle spirit surround her with your love. P.S. - can you give my Danny boy a hug from his ol' Mom. Thanks Trevor.


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