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Memorial created 06-8-2008 by
Cherylann Maria Thomas
Trevor Thomas
May 27 1978 - June 28 2003

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06-18-2008 5:01 PM -- By: Mary Harris,  From: Illinois  

What a beautiful tribute to your son.


06-18-2008 4:59 PM -- By: Danielle ,  From: NY  

Cheryl - a beautiful tribute to Trevor! His children are gorgeous. . . thank you for sharing him w/ us.

Much Love

Dani mom to ^Pauli^ (GP)

06-18-2008 2:43 PM -- By: Susan,  From: Florida  

Cherylann, what a wonderful tribute to your handsome son!  You really have done a great job!

Love, Susan ~ Clint's Mom

06-18-2008 2:10 PM -- By: Carol Ragsdale,  From: Georgia  

I have so enjoyed Trevor's site it is a beautiful tribute of love.  I lost my son at the age of 19 as well in car accident it has almost been 2 years now.  Trevor will forever be in my thoughts.

God Bless,

Carol Ragsdale

Mom forever to Matthew Mullis

06-18-2008 1:42 PM -- By: Tammie Cope(Yahoo gp),  From: Anchorage, AK  

Very nice memorial. Love the orbs story. I feel my son all around us quite a bitx and even have a few photos where we have him on film... It does not quite look like your orbs but it it more like a cloud but my camera is older..... :)     I hope that Trevor always brings you joy and keeps coming around you. The loss of a child is crushing. I enjoy the visits and signs I get from my booman. I miss him so very much as I am sure you do with Trevor. Sorry for the loss "opportunties". Love to you and your family. Tammie and Brandon forever 17.

06-18-2008 4:24 AM -- By: Joanne LaFleur,  From: Edmonton  

Very handsome son cherylann ,so sorry the pain seems to go on and the road we travel is long. I commend all you do for traffic safety! as long as you speak peoplw will listen

I just did .Joanne mother of westleigh LaFleur ,Edmonton AB.

06-17-2008 11:13 PM -- By: Pam,  From: Tarpon Springs, Fl  

Hi Trevor...

I'm sure you've met Jamie by now and are good friends....Give her a hug & kiss for Mooma...Tell her how much I love & miss her sweet smile!!!!  Your Mom has paid such a tribute to you on this web site...I wish I was as smart to do all the songs, as she did...She loves you so much...But you KNEW that !!!

Love you sweet boy !!!


06-17-2008 11:10 PM -- By: Kay,  From: Florida Keys  


Love the new memorial site.  Always so wonderful to see the life of Trevor depicted in your words and all the photos of your handsome son.  His light shines bright!




06-17-2008 7:51 PM -- By: Patty J (Allen's Mom),  From: Indiana  


The first things I notice about a person, their eyes and smile. Trevor's eyes are gorgeous and his smile is beautiful.

This is a wonderful memorial you have created for Trevor.


Patty J



06-17-2008 5:30 PM -- By: Gail, Eric's Mom,  From: Boulder, CO USA  

Cherylann, this is truly awesome. What a tribute to Trevor.

06-17-2008 11:33 AM -- By: Yvonne Sheppard,  From: Knoxville TN  


He is beautiful! This website speaks right straight to my heart. I share so many of the EXACT same feelings as you. I am so sorry.



Joshua Underwood's mom

06-17-2008 11:15 AM -- By: Mary Lynn Baker,  From: Nashville, TN USA  

Dear Cherylann,

Beautiful tribute for your handsome son.  Thank you for sharing it with us.  Love To You and Trevor.  Love, Mary Lynn

06-17-2008 10:22 AM -- By: Kelley & Daniel,  From: Idaho  

Cherlann....You have said it all! My son Daniel (also on VM) hasn't even been gone a year and I get a lot of falk from people telling me I need to move on. Yes my son died....but he lived and lives still in me! "Say Olin". Your tribute to Trevor is beautiful! See you on GP!

06-17-2008 9:44 AM -- By: Terrie Whiteman,  From: Pa, USA  

My Dear Sweet Cherylann, wht a beautiful job you did on Trevor's website. I'm so impressed. I loved looking at Trevor and his growing up and his beautiful children.

Keep on doing the website, it's helped me so much to remember all the good times and memories.

Love,Terrie (Joey's Mom)

06-17-2008 9:42 AM -- By: Janice,  From: Houston TX  

I love the new site Cheryl Ann.  It's a great tribute.  I'm thinking about you this month of anniversaries as I am having mine too.  June 20th will be 4 years since Krissy's accident.   The 28th it will be 5 since Trevors.

I don't think you were drunk when you wrote about communicating with your children.  It sure dosen't sound like your writing at all.  I believe too.


Love you GF.



06-16-2008 8:38 PM -- By: Vickey O'NealWoodward(GP),  From: Illinois  

Cherylann, Such a loving memorial for Trevor in this 5th year of your journey!  My warmest thoughts are with you, and my candle burns for your boy. Vickey, Mom to Michelle, David & my four other wee angels.

06-16-2008 7:22 PM -- By: Dee Dorsam,  From: Whitehall, Pa.  

What a beautiful tribute to you son Trevor, If only we could have them for another day! it's been 9 mo. since i lost my son Paul Lafaver and I would gladly give my life for him to have his back! You have  a right to ne a proud Momma! Love, Dee Dorsam-Mom of Paul Lafaver

06-16-2008 6:56 PM -- By: Chris James (POS),  From: Renner, SD  

Cherylann,  You have done such a wonderful job on the site. What a wonderfully handsome man. Oh how he must be missed.

06-16-2008 6:44 PM -- By: Other Sis (Avra's Mom),  From: Houston, TX  

Stopping by to visit Trevor.  WOW, your Mom always amazes me with her great site of special memories of you.  She is the greatest and I know she misses you.  Keep sending her signs as us Mom need to know you guys are still around.

Thanks for giving me your Mom as a forever friend.

With love,


06-16-2008 6:32 PM -- By: Sylvia Vaughn,  From: Elkmont , Alabama  

A Beautiful Memorial For Your Sweet Trevor . The How To Support A Grieving Parent page is very informative and spot on .

Love to you and your handsome Trevor .

Sylvia ~ Tony McLemore's mama

06-12-2008 8:15 PM -- By: Mom,  From: BC, Canada  

You go Trevor!  As I put together this memorial there are some very specific things I see you want in, and those you do not want in...I hear you!  Love, Mom


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