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Cherylann Maria Thomas
Trevor Thomas
May 27 1978 - June 28 2003



Trevor had just moved to Edmonton, Alberta for a heavy mechanic job.  He and his wife were excited to start a life together after just five months of marriage.  Trevor was on the verge of gaining full custody of his son, Dylan.  His other daughter continued to live with her mother and Trevor had all the access he wished.

The night of the accident the couple went with friends to West Edmonton Mall.  Trevor was the designated driver.  Sadly, as the couple ended the evening his wife was intoxicated and screaming at Trevor as he passed through that fateful intersection.  The other couple stayed behind at a restaurant.  It is my belief he likely put the peddle to the meddle to get her home (this information came from his wife later on).

As Trevor was speeding at 130 KM a car was turning left at the intersection.  Trevor's BMW bounced around the hwy and finally landed against a lampost.  An off duty police officer was able to pull Ximi from the wreckage when the driver's side burst into flames.  No one could help Trevor get out - if he was conscious at all.  Trevor suffered 80% of 3rd degrees to his body; only his face was saved.  He also had a ruptured spleen, 3 major head wounds, and the worse part for me was he was still alive when the jaws of life arrived and as policy dictates, since the engine was on Trevor's legs they had to amputate his legs to release him from the car.

Trevor survived for 2.5 hours and was transported to the Edmonton Burn Hospital where he passed away.  Too me, he was a very strong spirit and was not willing to let go.

Trevor died in the most horrific way any mother could imagine.  I only pray he was unconscious throughout. 

Please, educate your children on driving safely and defensively!  No parent should suffer the loss of their only child in this way.








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