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Memorial created 06-8-2008 by
Cherylann Maria Thomas
Trevor Thomas
May 27 1978 - June 28 2003

The Least of Us are the Best of Us - Learn from them.

Thanks to Trevor my life has been enriched beyond my imagination.  I was so blessed to have one child who called me mom. <3   To my son I say thank you for your birth teaching me what true love feels like, and for your death which taught me how to love myself.  It has not been an easy road but I would never regret my journey this life.  It's a place to strive for.  Live.  Let live.  Let Go  Grow. 

Working as a Clinical Hypnotherapist at the Family Wellness Centre in Westbank, BC has offered me a place to help others heal their broken or defeated hearts.  I have found a way in my work as a counsellor, teacher and bereaved mother to help others find their way back after the worst has happened.  I hit rock bottom after the loss of my son was just the beginning of a tital wave of trauma and drama.  I recovered.  My son and father's amazing spirits are with me and there is no doubt we are spirits first, here to have a human senses experience.  We are meant to live, and live well, until we die love and laugh and use the senses to play, not stay.  xxoo


June 28, 2017

14 years ago today my son died.   This year is certainly a lot more sensitive than most as there were added losses and events to help me along in my journey of jump off and then live to tell about it me.  

It was an impossible death to recover from for my son was the one soul in my world who showed me what loving and laughing means in a meaningful way both during his life and after. Trevor was a gift for 25 years and I think thank him for keeping me going in life and his death.  

I'm still trying to figure that out but the journey is an exciting and never ending wonder of my senses.  I love being here even if I must live life without Trevor, or anyone.  We are all born alone and we all die alone - surround myself with folks who lift my happy mood and spirit, or die in the judgmental sufferage we were all born into.  Too many folks are unconsciously destroying each other in judgment and punishment.  I can live alone now and happily belonging in this world like couples are, and relevant enough I found peace of mind.

The tides have turned and I love to go with the flow.   As of March 31st of this year I sold my practice and am taking my work to a larger audience in video (coming soon to YouTube) and currently writing my second book, Reflections of Unconscious Intuit, The Twist.  My first publication, Evil Eyes, A Daughter's Memoir (2011) was only part 1...amazing life has unfolded since and now I dedicate my life to the least of us in society, men, women and children most often judged in error leaving life long consequences, even lives lost.  I can't wait to share my new updates regarding my father as well.  I was lied to my entire life about my father and now understand how he ended up on skid row with no one showing up for his final months.  I was astonded.  Now I am in the same position.  Am I ashamed?  Not one bit it is not my shame to carry friends.  If I do not speak my truth without fear how can I expect my clients to be authentic?  hahaha, this is risky though.  Thanks for not judging, I feel it...I feel everything.

Fall of 2017 will be the release of Book II.  Anyone can find strength, power, talent, and love - all within.  Spiritual beings we all are, only here for a short time to play with the senses.  Sadly many get born into dysfunctional family dynamics and making life enjoyable seems like a distant dream.  I am the one to talk to about moving away from sickness and into freedom of being, confidence and a heart full of true self esteem.   No one needs to feel alone; and all of us have a purpose.  

I help bereaved parents and widows, and emotional, physical and sexual abuse victims feel like human beings again.  I accept this calling with such wonder and gratitude.  I see my amazing life as intentional and worth every dot that connects me to now.  I walk forward fearlessly and share my knowledge of how listed below.

Educated Into Ego, We Forget Who We Are.  To undo emotional or spiritual damage we must return to childhood wisdom.  You know how.  You know everything it is unconscious (sleeping) until something awakens you to survive and thrive.

Love, Cherylann Thomas

Aka Nana-Marie, Spiritual Counsellor


Evil Eyes A Daughter's Memoir is available at Amazon.com and Amazon.ca and Amazon.mx I believe.  The book has a big lie in it unfortunately, the first lie was my father being a psychopath.  He was no more a psychopath than me or my son.  I believe now my own father was religiously persecuted for who he was as an ADHD type of child.  I remember my grandmother tellng me his problems started around age 7.  Right, school age.  I believe this pegging and labeling is marginalizing and actually turning kids into alcoholics and drug addicts...public school systems and training is killing a percentage of our children, and more die by suicide in middle school than any other cause of death.

It 's not right and someone has to speak up on this controversial subject so it may as well be me for I have nothing to lose.  See how my problem turned out to be my solution?

 I am passionate about every thing I do and the way I have chosen to live my life.  It works for me, I hope you follow me for recovery and support.





Loved ones will let you down, steer you in a direction you may not want to go...but inside you know better, right?  Trust yourself first.


My travel days are making sense now as I connect the dots to my relationship with Jesus, the Christian religion, and how oppression started right here, in this spot I am sitting in Turkey Asia.  At the time I was visiting these lands of Jesus and his followers I thought I was just in an old ruins area taking a vacation abroad.  I had no idea of the amazing consquences of this trip that brought me to where I am today.  Learn all about it in my upcoming book, Reflections of Unconscious Intuit, The Twist.  Check out my Facebook page for daily enlightenment and support.


Nana-Marie Thomas, Spiritualist Counsellor with messages of Jesus


 Here is a tip anyone can try...sadly the work I do is so outside of normal everyday knowledge it might appear 'nutty.'  In fact it is life altering to practice using the imagination beyond to scare yourself, or for sexual fantasies (not that there is anything wrong with that lol).  Have fun.  Laugh.  I do freely and it shows.  Only love is real and will be remembered, all else is Ego and just for a time.  The fastest way to connect to your heart is by feeling compassion/love from time to time.  #empathy is my message for anyone feeling empty, depressed or anxious today for any reason: Listen, others are worse off and someone needs you.  Your most difficult problem is actually guiding you toward a journey that will eventually find peace and happiness, the solution is in the problem.  

In memory of Trevor today, I gratefully remember with such joy and hope for all of us. xxoo


I know how I ended up there now

 Losing a child is one thing, but when it is followed by a tsumani of added loss and trauma I really had to take a hard look at my life.  Karma?  Am I a horrible person deserving of such a devasting life of loss and abandonment?  What is going on here, I finally checked it out.  

I believe my son died at a time when he was giving up hope, I have my reasons.  His life was filled with lies and silence, as was mine.  Denying who children are is what society has done to it's children.  I went along with the life program and agreed he did not fit in.  He was too sensitive, outspoken, intelligent, and good hearted to belong.  Instead of valuing these traits we called them behavior problems.  Labels, and medication.  I recently learned the Ritalin the medical system was feeding him was indeed, Meth.  My son didn't have a chance in this system of oppression of right brain oriented people. I am a woman, an entirely different being to a man with utterly opposite mind and body. And there are many men who are right brain oriented, and never accepted, called behavior problems and often become exactly what we suggest to them day in and day out.  I know I am guilty of doing this to my son as I didn't know any better.  Follow me and I'll tell you more, and thank you for visiting my son's celebration of his life.  I really appreciate you signing the guestbook to let me know you visited. It means the world to me when his name is remembered.

Thanks for reading my updates.  I don't want to brag but I have no one to tell the news no one ever called or remembered me, Trevor's mother, on this day.  This goes on and so it continues to hurt.  I saw this maltreatment of my father and bring it up because folks are still alienating kids from their rightful family.  It should be a crime.

Back then was cold then but I come to the solice of writing my thoughts out in hopes of others not feeling hopeless or alone, pamper yourself guilt free and find a way back to you for you live for you no one else.  Remember who you are and what you want.  Thou shall want is back!



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